Friday, July 30, 2010

It has been four weeks since I was discharged from the hospital in Chrzanow, Poland, and I continue to feel positive symptom relief---not quite as much as before but still a lot! As I was telling a good friend this morning, I need a certain amount of routine in my life and this week I finally felt like it was back. While trying to measure how I’m doing post Poland, I can use my routine as a barometer to help gauge the ups and downs of symptoms.

My ability to walk has improved, based on the fact that I used my rollator only once this past week (to go through a museum), and didn’t use my cane at all. I confess that I wanted my cane a couple times when ambulating down an Oakland sidewalk that was less than ADA compliant for wheelchairs or wobbly walkers like me. At moments I feel like I’m learning to walk all over again, remembering to swing the opposing arm in sync with the striding leg, all the while attempting to look up not down. Learning to walk isn’t easy at my age!

Balance improvement has made it possible for me to walk without assistance. If I was as dizzy-headed as pre-Poland this conversation wouldn’t even be happening. So my balance is better when I move my head and try to keep focused throughout the movement. Driving in a fast-moving car four weeks ago as I returned to the hotel from hospital, I could look out the windows quickly moving my gaze left and right and left again---with no dizziness or overstimulation of senses. I tried doing the same movement earlier this week and it felt okay but not quite as strong as four weeks ago. But still, to be able to do that was improvement from pre-Poland days.

Fatigue is noticeably less, especially after completing some of my usual activities, for example teaching a Gentle Yoga class. At the end of class I used to be tired and ready to lay down on my matt, but of course waited until all the students were gone. This week I didn’t feel quite as tired. The class still challenged my energy reserves but much less than previously. How nice.

My cog fog comes and goes these days. It shows up when I’m tired, at which time I go to nap, or if it’s night I go off to sleep. The symptom still controls a lot of how I live my life but thankfully isn’t as demanding as before. As I said to friends yesterday, it’s nice to be able to think better.

I honestly can’t tell if improvement is continuing to happen. I’m hoping it is, but accept whatever route my healing path takes. I’ll do my best with what I’m given and try to help others when I can, but for today I’m just celebrating four weeks of improved health and happiness. Cheers.

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