Monday, July 12, 2010

This was the worst cold I've had in decades. Thankfully it's almost out of my system and I'm looking forward to being able to leave the house soon. I've been under house arrest since last Monday when the cold symptoms started showing up!

The MS symptom relief that I had experienced feels somewhat less now. I'm moving and thinking slower---due to the cold or due to MS, who knows? So it seems like a small step backward has occurred.

Some people who post about their symptoms after having the CCSVI procedure say they experienced two steps forward, one step back. I'm okay with that if it ends up being forward progress all-in-all.

Right now I'm experiencing the one step back and don't have assurances that I'll move forward again. So I'm back to keeping fingers crossed. (I seem to be doing a lot of that.)

Or you can say that I'm being "Cautiously Optimistic." Like I mentioned in a previous post, I've said goodbye to Eeyore's moaning or Pollyanna's unrealistic thinking. Right here, right now I prefer being cautiously optimistic.

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