Friday, April 29, 2011

Update on Clot

Actually this isn't much of an update on the clot because it looks the same on ultrasound. I'm still on warfarin (not coumadin as I previously posted) and getting frequent blood tests to check that the dosage is right.

The good news is that after such a long time I finally had a few days of feeling better! It's not a huge amount of symptom relief but enough to give me the energy to come to the computer and post about it. My life has been so very slow for many weeks and my brain power in particular has been in the doldrums that it makes even a slight up-tick feel great.

My existence is one-day-at-a-time and depends mainly on the fatigue and cog fog that shows up. I don't make appointments unless I need to see a doctor and have arranged help to get to there and back. I'm not used to needing this much assistance but don't have a choice.

Back to the good news, I'm able to stay awake and mentally alert for a bit longer today (and last Wednesday too). In between naps I'm able to think well enough to reply to messages that have waited in my in-box for weeks.

I'll keep this brief---as I'm already getting tired. Hope to update with more news sometime soon.