Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day! I'm back from Poland and feeling positive symptom relief (warmer hands, cognitive improvement and info processing improvement). Yesterday morning before leaving for the Katowice Airport I bent down to reach for my purse on the floor and as I moved my head back up I didn't feel much loss of equilibrium. That's new symptom relief for me and I hope it stays.

The time spent in Poland was an experience that I can barely describe in words. Of course the tourist adventures are easily related in familiar vocabulary but many of the medical moments sound unbelievable when I sit down to write about them.

My father commented about the newfound warmth in my hands as a romantic episode to find improved warmth as I sat on a hospital bed fondly holding my husband's hands. (I never knew my dad had that side to him!) I'll borrow that prose from my dad since I'm searching for the right words here and now.

Realizing that I was thinking more clearly as I lay prone under the OR equipment defies adequate description. Please note that at that instant there were three male doctors speaking quickly in Polish to collaborate near my right femur to correctly thread a catheter through my veins---and I hadn't asked for sedation of any kind. Before stumbling over my words any more, I'll conclude with saying that going to Poland was an exceptional experience and I'm likely to be talking about it much, much more.

Thank you Carol and Jeanee for your supportive comments, and to everyone else reading these posts. Happy Independence Day to all!

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