Sunday, August 1, 2010

Went to a Fiesta today and unfortunately had to leave soon after arriving because I overheated! As I'm munching on chips, guacamole and sipping on pepsi the sun starts beating down on my legs. Sadly the party had few seats in the shade and mine was becoming indundated with sunshine.

Long story short, Chris and I headed home much sooner than desired. And here I sit at my keyboard with the central AC keeping me functioning. This was the first time since Poland that I couldn't avoid heat despite my attempts to plan ahead.

To answer the question in the forefront of your mind, "No, the CCSVI procedure didn't get rid of my heat sensitivity!" I'm better right now with some symptom relief but I still completely shut down physically and mentally when my core body temperature goes up too high.

Here's what's in the forefront of my mind: If some people think that my improvements aren't real but just placebo, then is my continuing heat sensitivity also fake? If some symptoms are placebo, then symptoms that remain bad are the flip side of the same coin: All in my Head.

I only wish it were so.


  1. Priya, please don't take those who think it's all a placebo effect seriously. We know it's not.

  2. Jane: Thanks for the support---and no, I won't take them seriously. Not for a minute!