Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gentle Healing Yoga

I taught my first class since returning from Brooklyn and I realized how appropriately it was named. Yesterday it was gentle (I stayed in a chair and instructed using words), healing (brought me back to the community that gives and receives for healing whether teacher or student), and yoga (poses of course but emphasis on the breathing practices and meditation). This is a class that I volunteer teach (all donations are given back to the studio for letting us use the space) and yesterday it was clear that I benefitted as much as the students from our time together.

Recovery is still slow but continues in a positive direction. As for benefits of the CCSVI procedure, at most I'll say that my energy surprisingly holds for longer periods of time than I expect given my situation. I'm not dancing around the house between naps but I'm fairly functional and vertical! Sadly though I'm not going right back to some of the activities that I enjoyed pre-Brooklyn and I miss the kids, adults and swimming pools that I haven't seen since my return last week. I must be patient---oh yea, I am a patient. Now that's confusing me so I better sign off and take a nap. :)

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  1. Patrice, the patient patient! Hang in there, sweetie.