Friday, June 18, 2010

I started this blog with a post saying that the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my life were falling into place at that time. Taking small but confident steps (which describes my current way of moving through the world both physically and metaphorically) I'm witnessing more pieces settling in exactly where they fit.

For instance, I've wanted to trace my "roots" and see the cities that my ancestors inhabited. Well the visit to Poland may give me a chance to do that. As I was rummaging through some old notes about my grandparents I was reminded that my grandmother may have come from Silesia---the region of Poland that I'm visiting.

My grandmother seemed ahead of her time as a woman scientist to earn a graduate degree in Chemistry (I think) around the start of the 20th century. I'll do more research on Silesia but it appears to value education for men and women. My grandmother was also an artist but I may write a separate post on that!

The University of Silesia Hospital in Tychy is where I've been told I may stay one night if I have the procedure done on me. This may sound odd but I'm comforted by knowing that I may be in a University hospital that, although my grandmother never saw, is in the general vicinity of where she may have studied as a young woman.

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  1. Wow that connection is wonderful.I am thinking of you daily and wishing you an easy fix and a full recovery. I do hope you get an opportunity for some site seeing and fun! we will miss you. Kind Regards, Carol